About Research

What is a clinical research study?

A clinical research study, also called a clinical trial, is a carefully designed scientific evaluation of an investigational medication or treatment. Some studies, like this one, evaluate medicines that are already on the market. Clinical research studies are conducted by doctors and researchers who follow strict policies to protect the rights, safety, and well-being of study participants.

Why is research important?

The information learned from clinical research studies offers hope for many people and an opportunity to help find better treatments in the future.

What is informed consent?

Before deciding to take part in a clinical research study, it is important for participants to understand why the research is being done and what it will involve. The informed consent process allows a person to make an informed decision about taking part in a clinical research study. During this process, the study doctor or staff will discuss the details of the study, answer any questions, and ask the person to read and sign an informed consent form. This form will give essential information about the study and the rights of a study participant.

Study participants are encouraged to ask questions and talk with the study doctor or staff until they fully understand the study details and what is expected of them.